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PET Process2014-07-28

PET process-film process: PET usually supplies in crystal pellets form. Before film extrusion, PET must be dried in high temperature drying oven.

EPS recovery rate rise in Canada2013-12-30

According to the Canadian plastics industry association (CPIA) issued a report, since 2009, the Canadian EPS recovery has been raising.

Taiwan revised polystyrene plastic food container packing inspection method2013-12-25

Recently, the Taiwan area "health welfare" publishing department gives food words announcement no. 1021950972, revised "food utensils, containers, pac

The question of foam tableware production2013-12-11

"Foam tableware should ban" caused a great attention from all walks of life. According to the news, the national development and reform commission (ND

Polystyrene Maker Offers to Cover NYC's Recycling Bill2013-11-26

Just weeks before New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is likely to approve a city-wide ban on Styrofoam cups and food trays, the world’s largest manufact

GreenMax compactors for EPS recycling2013-11-21

INTCO is an EPS Recycling Specialist, providing total solution to polystyrene recycling. We manufacture and sell GreenMax compactors, purchase back co

Thailand trip for Pepsi 2013-11-12

Our marketing supervisor Eric Liang and our machine engineer went to Thailand on September 18th to 20th. Our company’s after-sales service is very gre

The present situation of recycling in EPS2013-10-30

In recent years , the recycling of EPS ( expanded polystyrene ) has gained prominence by the relevant departments in our country , and a series of reg

Allied waste PS foam materials have not been effective recycling2013-10-16

Currently produced around the world every year and 5.8 million tons of polystyrene foamed plastic waste, which produce about 1.8 million tons per year

Foamed plastic tableware recycling trapped for solution2013-10-15

This year on February 26, the national development and reform commission issued 21 order, to local adjustment of industrial structure adjustment guida

The demand of the polystyrene foam is increasing2013-10-14

Marketsand Markets released the latest survey report shows that global polymer foam materials market value of $82.6 billion in 2012, is expected to br

Extracellular polymers EPS of MBR membrane pollution2013-10-08

EPS are widespread in the internal and surface activated sludge flocs, constitute a bridging role between cells, cells of matter and energy through th

Our engineers go to USA to debug our GreenMax machine2013-09-30

Our engineers go to USA to debug our GreenMax machine.They solved the problems of our customers

The Nordic visitors come to visit Shanghai INTCO2013-09-26

The Nordic visitors come to visit Shanghai INTCO, we introduce our company to them through the meeting. And we also take them to our factory in Shangh

School canteen bubble snack box recycling program2013-09-04

With the help of the DART container company, located in the United States in a school in Stockton, California launched a foam lunch tray recycling pro

Polystyrene foam plastics recycling2013-08-26

Polystyrene is to point to by styrene monomer polymer was synthesized by free radical condensation or PS.

New method for degradation of waste polystyrene2013-08-23

As the polystyrene is always qualitative light, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, etc, It is widely used in building, furniture and

EPS recycling equipment2013-08-22

PS is a kind of widely used plastic. PS can be used to make foam products. EPS is often refers to the moulding of foamed PS, and XPS often refers to t

What is Tetra-Pak?2013-08-16

Tetra-Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing company of Swedish origin with head offices in Lund, Sweden and Lausanne, Switzerland. And

What is PET Bottles?2013-08-14

PET bottles are the bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Then polyethylene terephthalate will be introduced. PET is a thermoplastic polym

INTCO International Holdings Move to New Office2013-05-08

On this special day in November, we get together to celebrate the moment when INTCO International Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary companies move

Lucy made a speech on EPS EXPO2013-05-08

On the 11th, March of (U.S.) Eastern Standard Time, Lucy Shen--the global manager of EPS Recycling Department—made a speech under the title of Advanci