GREENMAX foam densifier can handle many recycling problems in storage and transportation2018-01-09

Recycling also up following holiday festivities and gift giving.

GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine has been proved safe and reliable by Workplace Safety2018-01-05

Recently a survey was conducted by Workplace Safety in America to evaluate employee exposure to fumes from polystyrene melting

Recycle extruded polystyrene through a special machine from INTCO2018-01-03

Extruded polystyrene is a plastic used to make products from building materials to storage containers.

Different numbers reprsent different plastic which is helpful for recycling2017-12-29

In our daily life, we often can see many numbers under the plastic products, which are used to help consumers and recyclers sort plastics

Polystyrene recycling is of great importance to energy saving and environment protection2017-12-26

Due to the bad reputation for being unrecyclable, polystyrene foam has also been the talk of bans like the plastic bag.

Styrofoam insulation recycling can be easily controlled by GREENMAX recycling machines2017-12-21

Styrofoam insulation comes in either a spray that expands and becomes rigid as it dries or insulation boards that can be nailed into place

Foam containers recycling by GREENMAX recycling machines can do much help to resource saving and ...2017-12-16

Every day, the foam containers are in great demand in the seafood market as the seafood has been playing to the gallery.

Foam coffee cups can be recycled through GREENMAX densifier to relieve the pollution2017-12-12

With the development of economy and society and the fast speed of living ways, people be increasingly willing to stop for a cup of coffee

Styrofoam recycling will continue its staunch dedication to environmental stewardship2017-12-05

Styrofoam is a material you may see almost every day as it insulates your home, keeps your food fresh, ensures your packages arrive safe

The Recycling of Take-away Tableware through PSP Hot Melting Machine2017-12-01

Nowadays, the rise of take-away industry has led to the development of disposable tableware.

EPS densifier with easy operation and high efficiency can help avoid fire disasters and gain more...2017-11-28

Rigid closed cell polystyrene foam (EPS) panel is a widely used lightweight building material, which is widely used in the world

What are the Different Types of Packing Foam?2017-11-24

We always see different kinds of foam packaging in our daily life. Expanded polystyrene sheets, packed peanuts and polyethylene sheets

Foam cups recycling can be well realized through GREENMAX recycling machines2017-11-21

In Taiwan, the miky tea is very popular in the daily life especially in cold winter due to its tasty and convenience

GREENMAX foam densifier for EPS recycling has been added more highlights2017-11-14

EPS recycling through GREENMAX foam dansifier can be divided into two processes: crushing and melting

Polystyrene recycling ought to be practiced for a more healthy environment and economic2017-11-08

In November 06, 2017, The Trinseo global materials company and manufacturer of plastics announced its participation

Plastic should be recycled through GREENMAX machine to reduce the marine pollution2017-11-03

At present, the garbage made by mankind has almost reached every corner of the earth

greenmax may give you a satisfactory answer to polystyrene recycling2017-10-31

Polystyrene is one of the most common forms of plastic. Many call it Styrofoam

Foam recycling is of great importance to the marine environment and also to our living planet2017-10-27

The ocean is of great importance to us, not only to provide us with fresh water resources

Styrofoam recycling has caused a nationwide action due to the increasing awareness and advanced r...2017-10-21

Recently, the village of Western Springs in Chicago will begin to hold monthly Styrofoam recycling collections. The idea came from First Congregationa

Multifunctional polystyrene foam can be recycled through high-quality densifier from INTCO2017-10-20

Polystyrene foam is a kind of plastic produced by styrene. It is a lightweight, moisture-proof material with excellent insulation properties. Since it

The waste Styrofoam materials can be reused through GREENMAX recycling machine2017-09-30

Styrofoam is a light-weight material, which about 95 percent air is inside. With very good insulation properties, it is widely used in products from c

Is Styrofoam recyclable? GREENMAX can show you the facts and solution2017-09-29

Also known as foam #6, plastic #6, or expanded polystyrene (EPS), Styrofoam is widely used in many industries because it is convenient and cheap. Actu

Styrofoam recycling through thermal densifier can be realized much more easily2017-09-23

One problem exists in our daily life is, the more wieldy and convenient something is, the less likely we are to notice its abundance and damages, such

EPS Packaging Materials should be Recycled to Reduce the White Pollution2017-09-22

At present, the "white pollution" caused by the EPS packaging materials have taken bad effects on the economic development

Polyethylene recycling machine from INTCO can improve the utilization of the resources2017-09-16

Polyethylene is a kind of thermoplastics that is almost ubiquitous in consumer products. Polyethylene has a wide range of applications, which includin

Styrofoam boxes recycling can be depended on GREENMAX recycling machines2017-09-14

Plastic bags and Styrofoam boxes have caught the Silverton City Council’s attention, thanks to a series of earth-friendly requests made by citizens

INTCO can provide plastic recycling machine and purchase compressed material2017-09-09

Polystyrene is used to make products from food storage containers to household products.

Styrofoam recycling is unnecessary a difficult task as long as applying right methods2017-09-08

The cafeteria and food services department at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center needs to use a lot of Styrofoam every day

Recycling polystyrene packaging needs the support of GREENMAX recycling machines2017-09-02

Many young people have experienced such a weekend when it has reached twelve o’clock after waking up in bed. The common practice for many people is op

Foam recycling has been accepted and emphasized widely in the world with joint efforts2017-08-25

"Plastic bags degenerate in 150 years, but foam never does. We can contact a recycling organization to see if they'd put a box down here, and we can g

It is critical to recycle Styrofoam for environmental protection and development2017-08-19

Recently a survey was conducted by kayak from Aug. 10 to Aug. 13 in cooperation with the Taiwan Kayak Association. It is reported that marine waste ha

Polystyrene disposal can be well done through professional recycling machines of GREENMAX2017-08-12

On July 28th, when the Snow Dragon arrived at the first operational site on the high seas of the Bering Sea, it began with a sampling of surface marin

Styrofoam insulation recycling is clearly in order by comparison of the merits and demerits2017-08-03

The Styrofoam insulation is often used in floors, walls and roofs of domestic as well as commercial buildings due to its light weight, strength and th

The valuable process of EPS recycling in three aspects2017-07-28

EPS foam recycling methods can be divided into simple and composite regeneration. The former simple regeneration is mainly used for the production of

Foam densifier can respond to the call of “Greenpeace”2017-07-17

On July 14th, 2017, the Ministry of environmental protection informed that, by the end of June, 176,000 enterprises in 28 cities in Tianjin and surrou

Styrofoam disposal can be well done by appropriate recycling2017-07-15

IK, a German plastics trading group, recently participated in an investigation into the packaging image of EPS, also known as Styrofoam or airpop. The

Styrofoam recycling can be realized by a screw compactor or thermal densifier2017-07-13

It is certain that most of us have experienced online shopping. We buy products varying from snacks

Polystyrene compactor from GREENMAX can be a capable assistant to dispose foam recycling2017-07-11

Known as EPS Foam or Styrofoam, polystyrene is a highly popular plastic packaging material used to make various products such as disposable cups

Foam containers recycling embodies the great wisdom of GREENMAX2017-07-07

San Diego City Council voted unanimously to approve a recycling program allowing residents living in single-family homes to start recycling foam

To recycle Styrofoam needs a professional machine supplied by GREENMAX2017-07-05

Recently, a competition among students aiming at world environmental protection was organized on June 17th

Styrofoam boxes recycling through professional machines ought to be paid much attention to2017-07-03

Do you like seafood? What do you think of it that the seafood can remain its freshness and yummy taste after the long transportation

Polystyrene disposal can find its way in GREENMAX recycling2017-06-29

As one of the most common forms of plastic, polystyrene goes into our daily life in various forms of products, from the coffee cups you take out, to t

To recycle polystyrene, professional machines ought to be used2017-06-26

Polystyrene is also known as EPS Foam or Styrofoam. It is a highly popular plastic packaging material which is widely applied in packaging of food ite

EPS compactor is of critical help to the recyclable polystyrene2017-06-24

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a plastic foam used in many industries for a wide variety of reasons. Some delivery companies like the lightweight prope

To recycle Styrofoam calls for an emergency demand2017-06-21

Whether you love or hate it, Styrofoam exists everywhere, from your coffee cup to your takeout container. Many food items, such as meat, fish and othe

Styrofoam recycling through GREENMAX ought to be highly appreciated2017-06-19

Styrofoam recycling is an optimized measure which is environmentally harmless, also known as re-resource technology. Many scientific research units ov

Polystyrene recycling turns out to be a better solution instead of prohibition2017-06-17

Polystyrene is almost difficult to degrade, which becomes one of the resistance targets of many environmentalist. The government of Washington, DC onc

Styrofoam recycling-- a preferred solution to many environmental problems2017-06-15

Recently, the widespread use of Styrofoam has caused serious environmental problems. It is one of the most widely used thermoplastics in the world, th

The advantages of EPS and its recycling process2017-06-13

EPS foam, also known as polystyrene foam, it is one of the most lightweight materials. EPS foam has a wide range in packaging. In addition, it is cons

Styrofoam container can be efficiently recycled instead of banning use of it2017-06-08

Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam. Which has usually been used in food containers, coffee cups and packaging materials.

How EPS compactor became an important part of EPS recycling industry?2017-06-05

As we all know that waste EPS is the main resource of environmental pollution, EPS recycling has become a necessary part of our lives, which can contr

Polyethylene recycling can become a trend by using environment-friendly methods2017-05-25

Disposal of waste plastic in environment is considered to be a big problem due to its very low biodegradability and presence in large quantities. Ther

Styrofoam recycling can help people get rid of such annoying item2017-05-23

It's easy to recycle paper and plastic, but not so easy for other things, like Styrofoam. You may always think Styrofoam to be a product that you cou

Styrofoam recycling could help restaurants save mush costs every year2017-05-20

Styrofoam containers are the lifeblood of ethnic restaurants, food vending services and mom and pop shops across the country because of their low cost

What can people do to recycle Styrofoam ?2017-05-16

Styrofoam is recyclable, especially if it has a recycling symbol and number on the piece. Packaging pieces and Dunkin Donut cups keep appearing more a

Recycling is a polystyrene disposal method which is better than landfill2017-05-12

Polystyrene was regarded as an innovative product when it was first created: lightweight, impact resistant, and both noise and heat insulating. Unfort

Polystyrene recycling should replace the landfill of polystyrene packaging2017-05-10

Polystyrene (also known as EPS Foam or Styrofoam) is a highly popular plastic packaging material which finds wide application in packaging of food ite

Styrofoam recycling is a cause for concern for many people around the world2017-05-05

Styrofoam is a material that is really easy to obtain. Many people hate the stuff. A lot of the merchandise on store shelves ship in Styrofoam, but th

Styrofoam densifier is a great option you can apply in the foam recycling process2017-05-04

A lack of recycling options means that billions of single use Styrofoam food items end up in landfills or as litter each year. They pollute waterways

EPS recycling can be a good chance for you to make your own profits2017-04-27

Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), commonly known as polystyrene foam is a lightweight plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls, wide

Polystyrene recycling should be promoted to replace the polystyrene use ban2017-04-24

There are many kinds of materials which are bad for the environment would be banned and some governments call for finding other alternatives to replac

Styrofoam recycling should be carried out effectively to keep our earth healthy2017-04-21

Styrofoam is rarely collected in curbside municipal recycling programs. Because of its lightness, and foam is about 95 percent air by weight and large

Airpop recycling which is better known as Styrofoam recycling is becoming a trend recently2017-04-17

The airpop is not as commonly as the Styrofoam/EPS known by people. However, airpop recycling
Is becoming very popular since the beginning of 2017.

INCTO recycling will continue to show up in Chinaplas 2017 to demonstrate its technology2017-04-13

As Asia’s No.1 plastics and rubber show, the 31st edition of CHINAPLAS will continue to lead the development of China’s plastic and rubber industries

Polyethylene sheet recycling solutions should be known by the world2017-04-10

Polyethylene sheet is a durable and lightweight material often used for the packaging of fragile goods due to its excellent insulation properties. It

Polystyrene powder is also valuable material that could be recycled2017-04-08

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative building material that lends to the design and structural integrity of many building projects. Since the 1

Styrofoam disposal methods should get into people’s mind2017-04-06

Polystyrene (PS) is most often found in its expanded form. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or Styrofoam, is most commonly used for take-out food container

EPS scraps deserve to be recycled like other recyclable items2017-03-31

Some people grew up learning the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” for making an environmental impact in the home. They carefully cleaned and sorted

Polyethylene recycling method will be more popular due to the growing market2017-03-27

Protective packaging is one of the most significant end-use applications of polyethylene foam(PE foam). And increasing demand for PE foams from the bu

Building foam recycling can help relevant companies enter into a “green” industry2017-03-25

Many construction companies are using plastic materials. The components used include everything from plastic screws and hinges to bigger plastic parts

EPS pressing machines are perfect for recycling EPS packaging materials2017-03-21

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a rigid and tough, closed-cell foam. EPS is used for many applications. For example, polystyrene packaging industry.

EPS ingots are perfect raw materials for reusing2017-03-16

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construct

Take-out foam containers recycling can prevent the use ban2017-03-13

All expanded polystyrene products used for packaging food products, including foam containers , could be banned from the relative department which is

Styrofoam boxes recycling needs to be promoted instead of landfill2017-03-09

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is one of the most efficient and cost effective packaging materials available. EPS materials are widely used in the fish pa

The most possible disposal method of Styrofoam float is recycling2017-03-02

What is Styrofoam float? Styrofoam float is a kind of tool which filled with foam, which can be used in fish farming. The general size of the Styrofoa

The recycling such as foam cups recycling should be widely known2017-02-28

The growing foodservice industry is another major factor that is thrusting the growth of the cup market globally.

GreenMax continues to improve the recycling of Asbestos2017-02-24

Asbestos alternatives for industrial use include sleeves, rope, tape, fabric, textiles and insulation batt materials made from fiberglass and silica.

How do you deal with the drunk PET bottles?2017-02-22

Why will I ask this question? You may think that drinking water is the simplest action. In fact, drinking water is not simple as you thought. There ar

The secret of recycling aluminum cans2017-02-21

As with so many materials we use daily, aluminum is something that should not be ending up in the landfill. By recycling aluminum it helps ensure that

The “hidden” foam recycling business in the WEEE industry2017-02-20

WEEE (The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) is a rapidly growing sub-sector due largely to the implementation of the original WEEE Directive in

EPS insulation with HBCD can be handled by recycling2017-02-09

Pitched roof is the fastest-growing application segment of the roof insulation market. This type of roof is ideal for areas where there are heavy rain

Disposable polystyrene coffee cups can be recycled with reasonable methods2017-01-24

It is important for people to be aware that coffee and hot drink cups have made up a significant portion of polluting litter in the environment. Some

People’s awareness of reducing the polystyrene products application2017-01-23

It is known to many people that polystyrene plastic particles usually are used just one time, millions of tons of white trash were put into nature aft

Practical improvement of polystyrene recycling measures2017-01-18

In the past, people paid little attention about recycling, but due to the serious white pollution, people gradually become to know the importance and

Effective measures of reducing the sale of plastic bottles2017-01-13

With the rise of living standard, the life pace is also becoming faster, so people usually would like to choose some convenient products in daily live

People should make more efforts to recycle waste plastic products2017-01-09

Because of the continuous low rate of plastic recycling, people are getting more and more aware of the seriousness of the pollution and the importance

People all concern about the problem of polystyrene recycling2017-01-05

Because of the serious pollution, people become to know it’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment. There are some professional companies offer r

Continuous improvement of the polystyrene recycling2017-01-04

During the past years, people seldom thought of polystyrene waste when talked about environment pollution, few of people would think of the EPS foam,