How To Recycle PUR?

The polyurethane (PUR) recycling has become more and more important, especially in Europe, the place to dispose the rubbish becomes less and less. And waste disposal costs are also rising crazily. As the government of polyurethane products production cycle improvement of production, there are many innovative recycling technology in. And many of those technologies have been commercially used.

pur foam

In general, recycled PUR materials come from the fast consumer goods, such as: daily necessities, automobile, mattress, carpet padding and backing and id equipped with soft cushion of the sofa. Industrial production in the process of elimination fragments are also another major source of PUR recycling materials.

sofa polyurethane foam

But, the methods to recycle the PUR are always mechanical recycling method and chemical recycling method.

Chemical recycling methods, including alkaline hydrolysis and pyrolysis. The following is the chemical recycling methods:


Caustic solvents with polyether foam waste mixed slowly added foam and stir the material to dissolve. The resulting diamine was recovered by vacuum distillation of liquefied separation. Finally, non-hydrophilic organic solvent will have processes of extraction, filtration, and then will be washed with water prolapse solvent after dehydration decolorization treatment purified polyether can be made.

Pyrolysis handling way is placing scrap polyurethane foam in the combustion furnace directly. As a result, the material could release heat under an oxygen partial combustion atmosphere, so that unburnt foam decomposition. Thereby, a polyether polyol starting material could be obtained. In addition, the high purity can be remade of foam.

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The next is mechanical recycling method. We know the chemical could recycle the waste PUR, but problems are that chemical ways may have pollution on the environment and the cost is higher than mechanical recycling. Mechanical recycling is much easier that it will be reasonable for some recycling companies as recycling machines are easy to operate. Just as our machines which can crush the waste PUR into pieces with blades and gears. Then, the APOLO seires of machines could compact the crushed PUR into blocks. Then the waste PUR is turned into useful material and much benefits can be get.

pur foam recycling circle

More, INTCO is committed to mechanical recycling method. We manufacture the regarding machines for PUR compacting .We hope more waste PUR could be recycled to reduce pollution.

Let’s recycle the waste PUR together to protect our earth!