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The recycling of waste PE/PP film

How waste PE, PP film crushing granulation again? And what’s the the current and future vision of PE, PP waste grain?

PE, PP film is a kind of toughness good material, it is not easily shattered by ordinary plastic crusher.

Ordinary plastic crusher, one kind is with hammering method, and is suitable for crushing high hardness toughness small materials; The other is a knife cut, a row of fixed blade and a set of rotating knife cut, suitable for processing a certain toughness of high melting point materials. Due to PE and PP membrane soft, tough, not easy also chopped, what's more, under the high speed cutting tool temperature is high, can make the LDPE melt adhesive on the blade.

So the PE and PP membrane granulation, can be directly into the into the extruder feeding mouth, shear force by the screw pull the PE, PP film into the barrel heating melt extrusion granulation.

PE, PP recycled material, still can be blown film, used in the food and drug packaging, also widely used in production of Oxford waterproof leather and cloth, the future is very good.