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What is EPS foam


ene is a styrene monomer polymer was synthesized by free radical polycondensation English name for Polystyrene, hereinafter referred to as PS. Also known as a bubble.

Ordinary foam amorphous polymers, the bubble of the macromo


lecular chain side base for benzene, bulky side group of benzene ring random arrangement determines the chemical and physical properties of polystyrene, such as high transparency. Stiffness. High


glass transition tem


perature. Crisp and so on. Polystyrene as the physics of low boiling point impregnated in ordinary polystyrene foaming agent, which is heated in the manufacturing process of foaming, dedicated to producing foam plastic products. High impact polystyrene copolymer of styrene and butadiene, butadiene as the dispersed phase, improve the impact strength of the material, but the product is not transparent. With structure, between syndiotactic polystyrene with metallocene catalyst production, is in recent years the development of new varieties of rice and polysty


rene performance is good, belong to the engineering plastic.


In 1839, was first extracted from the natural resin of pp

In 1930, the first commercial production of polypropylene is in German.

In 1934, the United States began production of polypropylene.

In 1954, polypropylene foam plastics by the production and application

Production and recycling applications

Polystyrene is often used to make foam plastics. Polystyrene can also and other rubber type polyme


r copolymerization to generate different mechanical properties of the product. In the daily life of common application has a variety of disposable plastic tableware, transparent CD case and so on.

With the wide application of foam, waste recycle in bubble has become the subject of a case to, today, mainly through the bubble recycling discarded bubble compressor for recycling foam can be compressed into pieces, then after a bubble granulator granulation, solved the problem of the bubble transportation difficult already, also be recycled.