QLS Group -- a national warehousing and logistics company applied GREENMAX M-C300 for EPS recycling


Wherever you are across Australia, QLS Group is there to help drive your business. It is a national warehousing and logistics company servicing the white and brown goods industries, with outstanding quality, personalised service, total security and reliability. In Australia, half of the household appliance companies rely on imports, and QLS Group provides links to world appliance manufacturers and local well-known distributors.

In 2001, Queensland Logistics Services and DGR Warehousing and Distribution were merged to form QLS Group. Headquartered in dandenong, VIC, QLS Group has its own warehousing and logistics distribution centers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The total storage area is 57000 square meters, serving 97% of the population of Australia.


In 2013, in order to respond actively to the Australian government's plan called NTCRS (short for National Television and Computer Recycling Schene), the QLS Group set up a subsidiary for E-cycle Solution, to help the retailers recycle the waste expanded polystyrene packaging.


Through the local agent in Australia, the QLS Group purchased from Korea 4 sets of EPS thermal densifiers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. However, a number of problems were bound to arise as the structure of the machine is too complex and the after-sale service can't keep up with the arising problems. The VIC warehouse manager often complained that they the accessories from manufacturers always need over 2 weeks to be received, and sometimes they need to buy them themselves and also need to pay for the machine maintenance.

The cooperation between GREENMAX and QLS also began from 2013 when the GREENMAX regional Manager Wenny found the principal of E-cycle Solution and established the cooperation of EPS materials.


The business goes that, INTCO RECYCLING, of which GREENMAX is the leading brand, is a professional manufacturer of PS framing with the headquarter in America, and manufacturing bases in China and Malaysia. Monthly, the demand of Recycled Expanded Polystyrene is high up to 5,000 tons.


Since 2013, cooperation between INTCO and QLS has not been interrupted. In 2017, the manager of QLS decided to replace the old Korean EPS thermal densifiers and apply GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machines instead.


Shortly after the decision, one of the distribution centers of QLS applied GREENMAX M-C300 foam densifiers and put into use. Their warehouse manager Chris commended the machine for its simple structure, easy maintenance, and high efficiency.

After 4 years of run-in time, QLS Group has basically reached a strategic cooperation with the INTCO RECYCLING. First they apply GREENMAX foam densifier for the foam volume reduction, and then the recycled expanded polystyrene will be basically sold back to INTCO for manufacturing framing products, serving customers around the world.


Established in 2008, GREENMAX was specially designed and manufactured for polystyrene recycling. With 10 years' accumulative research and development, GREENMAX has now been a recycling specialist, providing a total solution to polystyrene recycling.