Temco -- the logistic company of General Electric chose GREENMAX as its Styrofoam packaging recycling tool


Temco is an indispensable Logistic company of General Electric company(GE), and it has 5 locations which are concentrated in the western United States. Temco is respectively responsible for the transportation services of GE’s home appliances in different regions. And during the each transportation process, they always brings back a lot of waste Styrofoam packaging materials.



Temco has a lot of clean home appliances foam packaging, and one of its locations even has up to 18 tons a month. In the past, these waste foam packaging were just sent to the local recyclers by Temco.



However, when the waste market deteriorated in 2010, the local recyclers decided not to  cooperate with Temco. And this made Temco very upset, because a lot of waste EPS couldn’t be handled. And the annoyed problem is the waste EPS occupied a lot of storage space. Finally, Temco decided to find a solution by itself.



In 2015, Temco bought three Styrofoam recycling compactors at a quite low price. But due to the very low density of the machines, the capacity is not good enough. Temco still wanted to find other compactors with good quality and high compression density.



At the beginning of 2016, Temco chose GREENMAX A-C200 compactor. The compactor has already been used for almost 1 year till now. During the 1 year, GREENMAX ‘s engineers made special trip to America for three times to teach Temco the operation skills, in order to run the function better.



Now Temco has opened another new location in California. It is believed that due to the good quality of GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machines, the further cooperation between temco and GREENMAX may be just around the corner.