PET Bottles dewatering and recycling
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PET bottle recycling business develops well compared to other waste recycling. PET is inert and takes an extremely long time to degrade. The empty cylinders would also take an enormous amount of space in landfills if they were not crushed. The first attempt at PET recycling goes back to 1977. Today PET bottles which are usually clear or green colored have the identification number 1 on the bottom which makes them easier to identify in the recycling stream.


Deal with the PET BOTTLES with liquid in it, such as:

1.NESTLE in United States Beverage/Drink company who have a large amount of rejected products or out-dated ones, like PEPSI, COCA COLA.

2.Waste Management company who gets a lot of PET bottles, and large percentage of them are not empty.

3.Recycling Company who do the PET bottle recycling, and have a large percentage of full PET bottles, which is hardly be repressed with water.


GREENMAX provide a new way: POSEIDON Series could do the PET bottle dewatering work for all kind of beverage with the package of plastic bottles like PET bottles, carton box, aluminum cans, etc.



1.NESTLE in United States

 bottle dewatering GREENMAX

2.PEPSICO in Thailand

 PEPSICO bottle dewatering


Normally, PET Bottles will be recycled as following steps:

Bottles recycled steps

1.Empty plastic bottles are collected and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility, where they are separated from your other recyclable materials.

2.The bottles are squashed, baled and sent to the reprocessing company.

3.The bottles are dry cleaned and sorted using an optical beam which separates the different types of plastic.

4.The bottles are then ground into flakes which are washed and sorted again.  Depending on the kind of plastic, the flakes are either decontaminated using a chemical solution or melted down and sieved to form beads as the plastic cools.

5.These beads and flakes can be melted down again and turned into new products. This can include packaging, drainage pipes, garden furniture or simply new plastic bottles.