Styrofoam recycling solutions supplied by GREENMAX are helpful for disposing your Styrofoam watses


Styrofoam which is also commonly known as Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls, widely used as a packaging medium.


Styrofoam packaging


Styrofoam is made by expanding beads of polystyrene plastic (like popcorn) which are then fused together. Styrofoam can be easily identified if the beads of foam can be easily seen when foam is broken.


Styrofoam is 98% air, which makes the item bulky and hard to dispose directly. So Styrofoam is hard to be recycled directly from the recycling bin, and when thrown in the garbage bin it ends up taking up precious space in landfill, and does not break down. This is very harmful to the environment and costs much land resources. So professional solutions are really needed to be took to solve the problem.



Styrofoam like home appliance packaging or fish boxes or clean food containers are all valuable items for recycling. The important first step of Styrofoam recycling is to reduce the foam volume. Here are the two professional solutions supplied by INTCO GREENMAX -- Compactors or Densifiers:


GREENMAX compactor and densifier


1.Boulevard Furniture (Styrofoam recycling machine M-C100)
2.Safeway(Styrofoam recycling machine M-C200)
3.Living Spaces(Styrofoam recycling machine M-C300)


First : You need to clean up the non-recyclable plastic items in the Styrofoam packaging.


clean up the styrofoam


Second : Only one or two person are needed to throw the loose Styrofoam into the hopper of the machines.


operating the machine


Third : The machines will smash the loose Styrofoam into small pieces and store the pieces temporarily.


Finally, the compressing or melting system will compress or melt the pieces into small volume blocks or ingots at the ratio of 50:1 and 90:1.


Styrofoam blocks and ingots

The solutions mentioned above both have low energy assumption. And the compressed or melted Styrofoam materials are convenient for storage and transportation,which also help save much unnecessary costs.


The Styrofoam blocks and ingots are valuable materials for granulating polystyrene pellets. INTCO not only supply solutions to Styrofoam recycling, but also purchase back all the recycled Styrofoam with good price to reuse and to make their own plastic frame products. And the pellets can also be used to make XPS insulation boards.



reusing Styrofoam


Styrofoam recycling solutions deserve to be promoted because it’s necessary for people to take actions to protect the environment and to save the world’s resources and at the same time to make their own profits.