The Brick -- the Canadian second largest furniture chain store chose GREENMAX to conduct its EPS recycling project


The Brick is Canadian second largest furniture chain store , which was acquired by Leon's, the largest furniture store in Canada by the end of 2012. But it was still operating independently.



The Brick has large distribution centers in different places -- Burnaby, Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, Montreal. All the distribution centers will have a large number of waste EPS packaging during the distribution process and to manage such materials is quite difficult for them. 



                              (Burnaby, Canada)

The Brick has already began to recycle EPS in Mississauga and Montreal since 2010 and it is now considering extending the EPS recycling project to other distribution centers in Burnaby, Edmonton and Calgary.



                             (Edmonton, Canada)

In the meantime, The Brick learned that an American brand company -- GREENMAX(belongs to INTCO) is the only EPS recycling specialist in the world which can provide totally recycling service to the waste EPS.



                           (Calgary, Canada)

GREENMAX can not only provide EPS recycling solutions, but also is willing to buy back all the compressed EPS blocks at a good price. Because INTCO will use EPS scraps to produce decorative frame products.



After considering, The Brick finally reached a partnership with GREENMAX by the end of 2013, and The Brick purchased three GREENMAX A-C200 compactors for three of its distribution centers -- Burnaby, Edmonton and Calgary.



The cooperation between The Brick and GREENMAX  is not only the EPS recycling machine, but the recycled EPS blocks. The Brick sells all the EPS scraps at a reasonable price to GREENMAX at the same time.



The following form is the number of EPS scraps sold by The Brick to GREENMAX between 2014 and 2016:



195,777 lbs


400,265 lbs


464,474 lbs



So far, The Brick has already sold more than 1million pounds of EPS scraps to GREENMAX, and The Brick has earned more than 200,000 USD for selling EPS scraps.