G.K RIZAKOS—an experienced expanded polystyrene manufacturer in Greece succeeded in polystyrene recycling by applying GREENMAX polystyrene compactor


G.K RIZAKOS is an expanded polystyrene(EPS) manufacturer in Greece, with 35 years of experience in the production of expanded polystyrene products for packaging, insulation, construction, and decoration, which have been widely sold to all corners of Greece.


In 2017, with the rapid growth of G.K RIZAKOS business, the amount of waste expanded polystyrene produced is also increasing, and those used by their downstream clients need to be effectively recycled either. Accordingly, Mr Rizakos, the boss of G.K RIZAKOS started his plan to buy a polystyrene compactor to recycle polystyrene, not only for his business, but also helping solve his customers’ crisis caused by waste polystyrene.


Mr. Rizakos found their foam mold supplier in Nantong, China for help and the mold supplier recommended GREENMAX. After knowing that GREENMAX is specialized in providing polystyrene recycling solutions, Mr Rizakos soon contacted with GREENMAX team for more detailed solutions.


After two months of negotiation, Mr. Rizakos finally chose GREENMAX A-C200 polystyrene compactor and now the compactor has been running for over 1 year in their factory. Every month, they compress 6-8 tons of waste polystyrene, and the total volume reduce to 1/50. It not only decreases occupying space, but also cuts down the expensive freight due to the original large volume. When asked about the use of GREENMAX polystyrene compactor, Mr Rizakos said the effectiveness is pretty good.


GREENMAX compactor not only helps recycle polystyrene of G.K RIZAKOS, but also helps them expand their polystyrene business. At present, these compacted polystyrene blocks are sold to Germany and reprocessed to produce other products, achieving the effect of environmental protection and bringing them a new source of profit, Mr Rizakos said.


All the time, GREENMAX are committed to helping more people and more companies recycle polystyrene waste. It is believed that there is no rubbish in the world, only misplaced resources.