How To Recycle XPS?


Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Recycling should be paid more attention to, because it is also widely used as insulation material in the construction industry. Extruded polystyrene has a well established reputation for long-term reliability and superior resistance to the elemental forces of nature: time, water, cold, heat, and pressure. XPS material is also used in crafts and model building, in particular architectural models.

XPS foam

XPS has a closed, uniform cell structure which is stronger than EPS and has a smoother surface. For the same reason, XPS is also harder to compress. There must be some difficulties in recycling the waste XPS as it is hard to decompose.


Apolo Compactor

Now more and more people will pay attention to the environmental protection, so good solutions to handle the waste XPS is very important. Now the recycling machines can recycle the waste XPS and can make full use of XPS after processing. The following is the example of XPS handling and recycling.

compacted XPS foam

First of all, now the recycling machine technologies have already been perfect and in the plastic and polystyrene foam industry the machine have been put into use. Also, now more and more people who have much more business with XPS will consider the recycling machine. The compactor can convey a large amount of XPS material to crush them into pieces through the conveyor. Then the crushed XPS will be compacted into solid blocks under the extrusion force. As a result, the compacted waste XPS can be sold to pelletize and turned to other materials.


In addition, the waste XPS can be handle by another kind of machines-Mars Series, which can recycle the waste XPS through melting. Of-course, the process have the same handling processing because waste XPS need to be crushed and then can be melted easily at last.


Of-course, there are some other recycling ways to handle the waste XPS, but the way of using machines is much better than other ways.