How To Recycle Polyethylene Foam?


Polyethylene foam recycling:

At present, the global Polyethylene PE foam (EPE) recycling rate is generally very low. Recycling PE foam companies are also very few. Conventional recycling methods such as landfill and burning, in a certain extent, caused environmental pollution. To solve this problem, PE foam compacting or hot melting is necessary.Intco recycling has been a specialist in PE foam recycling for many years.

 polyethylene foam 


The benefits of Polyethylene foam recycling:

1 reduce environmental pollution

2 save energy and resources

3 save transportation and storage costs

4 low operation and maintenance fee

5 granulation and earn money


The process of Polyethylene foam recycling:


Centralized recovery PE foam→Volume compression→granulation recycling

As the large number and volume of PE foam, it needs huge storage space, the transportation is inconvenient, so it is difficult to recycle. To save the cost of recycling, Green Max produced compact and hot melt machines to recycle PE foam.


polyethylene foam


The solutions of Polyethylene foam recycling:


(1) compact( ZEUS Series)

a.PE foam compact method:

The compact machine of PE foam recycling, can crush the waste PE foam by the bearing and blades as much as possible. Meanwhile, the machine will compact the waste EPE under heavy pressure. A layer of hot melt film is formed on the surface of the compression block, which is convenient for transportation and can effectively prevent the formation of EPE rebound.

b.PE foam compact process: 


Polyethylene Foam recycling

c.the advantages of PE foam compact:

1 Physical cold compact, environmental protection, no pollution

2 recycle waste foam, reduce waste processing fee

3 save storage space, convenient transportation, save transportation and storage costs

4 compressed EPE material can be used for direct sale or granulation

5 save labor costs


(2) Melting(MARS Series)

a.PE foam melt method:

The hot melting machine of PE foam recycling,, can crush the waste PE foam into pieces. After a process of shredding, heat melting and extruding and molding, the waste PE foam becomes densified ingots, could save storage space and transportation costs。

b.PE foam method process:

Polyethylene Foam melter recycling

c.the advantages of PE foam melt:

1. Have the ability of continuous output at a ratio of 90:1, high density, high security and low utility consumption

2. save storage space, convenient transportation, save transportation and storage costs

3. Security and efficiency for automatic operation

4. can be used for direct sale or granulation 

epe foam pellets


TIP:  EPE(Expandable Polyethylene),also named PE foam, is an environmentally-safe foaming material that can be recycled. The versatile physical properties of foamed polyethylene open new possibilities in weight-saving and energy-saving. It can be used in many fields like packing, architecture, electrical engineering, etc.


Polyethylene recycling VIP customer:


1.Prime Wheel(in North America)


2.Hyundai Materials(in Mexico)


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