How To Recycle Epp?


Expanded polypropylene (EPP) as a kind of security and environmental material is convenient to be recycled. Expanded polypropylene has excellent heat resistance. EPP can be used over one hundred degrees, meanwhile, it won’t let out harmful gases. Also, it has a strong insulating function. As a result, it can be used as the advanced thermal insulation material.

As there are so many advantages, do you know how to recycle EPP?

In fact, the recycling of EPP need everyone’s efforts. We know all the waste EPP products need to be put into the proper sites, such as the waste plastic recycling center. But the waste EPP is much that is beyond our imagination. So the waste EPP collection is a big task. Then, we need to throw the waste EPP into the boxes according to the waste classification. Consequently, the waste collector can save much more energies and their collection efficiency will be improved greatly.

Next, how to recycle the large amount of recollected waste EPP is also an important step? For one thing, the little amount of waste EPP is very easy to handle and people can made them into some handicrafts or daily use products. For another, the large amount of waste EPP need to have a deep processing by waste plastic related machines. Then, the waste EPP can be reused.


On the whole, there are two main types of machines with different ways to handle the waste plastics. First, the plastic compactors which can handle the waste EPP easily. Waste EPP can be conveyed to the machine’s tank by band carriers. Meanwhile, the electric power produce wind power which have a great help for band carries to convey the waste EPP. This process of band carrier convey can save labor. Then, the waste EPP could be crushed into piece in the side of the machine tanks. At last, the crushed material will compacted into blocks with the pressure produced by machines.


The other type of machine have difference from the plastic compactor. Of-course, there are some common between the two types of machines. The common is that the waste EPP need to be crushed by the machines’ blade in the tank. Then, the crushed material could enter into the next handling process. The different is that plastic compactor can extrude the waste with pressure. Compared to with the plastic compactor, the EPP hot-melt machines could melt down the waste EPP into blocks easily. The heating melting is the difference.

Now you probably have a better knowledge of waste EPP material. For more details could be found in our machines website.