How To Recycle EPS?


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Recycling is an urgent work that brooks no delay, because EPS is so widely used material which is disposable but can’t decay easily in nature.


EPS can be seen everywhere. The commonly seen packages of domestic appliance, instrument, artware and fast food are all EPS. The food tray and cups and the boxes containing the fishes or fruits are also made of EPS. They are disposable, easily becoming the white pollution, so expanded polystyrene recycling is very necessary to protect our environment.

styrofoam polystyrene foam

But the handling process of EPS is not easy, the following is a better way to handle the waste EPS:


First, it is not a good way to handle the waste EPS through the simple way that put the waste EPS into landfills. As the waste EPS can release waste chemicals, the soil and underwater can be polluted. Thus, this handling way is not good and effective.


Second, people can make the EPS material into other handicrafts but the amount of EPS material is very little. So it is not reasonable to handle the large amount of EPS material. But what can they do under this circumstance.

It is very easy for everybody to handle the waste. They could throw the waste EPS material into different places according to the classification. For example, the waste metal can be put into one place and the plastic related materials can be thrown into another place. Then this action will offer convenience to people who have to collect wastes every day. At last, the classified wastes can be transported to the handling and processing industry by trucks.


As the large amount of EPS materials have been transported into the industry, it is better and practical to depend on the EPS recycling machines. The recycling machine can handle the waste EPS material easily as much as possible.

eps recycling circle


1.RAGN SELL (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C100)
2.The Brick (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C200)
3.Polyrec (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C300)


The recycling machine can crush the waste EPS material into pieces by the blades and gears. So the pieces of EPS can be easily compacted through recycling machines. That is, the crushed EPS can be compacted into dense blocks under heavy pressure.

Also, they are not only one kind of recycling machines can handle the waste, but also hot-melted densifiers can recycle EPS effectively. This kind of machines could also crush EPS into pieces and melt them down to blocks at a ratio of 50:1. The melted EPS can be crushed out by the pressure and the melted EPS can become a hard plastic solid at last.

eps melting recycling

In a word, the waste EPS can be recycled better and easier by the recycling machines. So people can solve the waste EPS with the help of recycling machines. And it is better for the plastic-related manufacturers to handle their large amount of waste EPS.


At last, do you know what the waste EPS material can be made? In fact, EPS material can be turned into picture frames and decorative moldings or mirror frames after processing. So the recycled EPS have much more values and will bring the manufacturer more benefits. Also, the recycled EPS can be made into pellets after processing. In a word, recycled EPS can be made into so much useful products and save much more raw materials.

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EPS Recycling Video: