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Recycling is the most important measures of environment harmless and recycling also referred to as the technology of recycling. At present, the domestic and foreign many scientific research units on the research of the EPS recycling, some have reach the level of practical application, some do this or that problems, is still in the stage of experiment and pilot test phase. China in recent years the EPS waste recycling has been of great importance to the relevant departments and government departments to strengthen macro guidance and orderly management of the corresponding regulatory guidance and policy support policies were introduced, people resources and increased environmental awareness on the whole, China in the EPS recycling has made no small achievement. For example, waste EPS after processing production XPS, EPS recycling has become the main way.

The achievements of EPS recycling at the same time, there are still many problems: there is no set up effective recycling channel, needs further research to solve separation of separation technology, recycling reworked material has not been effective and reasonable use, etc., the recovery rate is very low. To solve the above problems is the most important thing to know, recycling utilization is not only a technical problem, but more important is a social systems engineering problem, should put the EPS recycling as the most important measures to try to recycle of wastes can be recycled, the recycling referred to guarantee the sustainable development of the national economy, economy, resources, environment coordinated development height to get to know each other.

The recycling of waste polystyrene foam plastic products, not only can protect the environment, save energy, but also has the very good economic benefits. The recycling of plastic products often use direct utilization and conversion.  The following several kinds of EPS recycling technology has reached practical level method respectively to tell them.