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With the development of construction industry, the types of wall insulation materials more up, cold insulation materials also change with the change of the construction industry. Foam glass glass insulation board is also well known in the wall thermal insulation material. Wall thermal insulation material and many kinds of different wall thermal insulation material has different functions, and fire performance are also different.

Polystyrene foamed plastic, polystyrene foam plastics is divided into polystyrene foamed plastic molding, extruded polystyrene foam plastic, polystyrene resin as the main raw material, the foaming agent made of foam and interior has numerous closed microporous materials of organic material. High heat preservation and heat insulation performance, processing, construction, maintenance is convenient, used widely, especially the EPS price due to the relatively cheap and have other advantages, is currently the most widely used. But refractory performance is poor, flammable, flame retardant specification requirements.

Rigid polyurethane foam thermal insulation performance is good, price is relatively expensive, refractory performance is poor, flame retardant specification requirements, rigid polyurethane foam plastics. More foam insulation flame retardant is B2, namely combustible. Use lighter to burn may not be burning, but when the big fire, high temperature or continuous function, can quickly burn and release a lot of harmful gas.

Organic inorganic composite materials, for the B1 level flame retardant, fire-resistant performance is relatively good. In previous years are relatively common, also is cheaper, but because nowadays more and more high to the requirement of energy conservation, due to its poor thermal insulation performance, to meet the requirements of energy saving calculation paste is very thick, the construction is very difficult.

Rock wool non-combustible, it is very good refractory insulation materials. Rock wool with high hygroscopicity, however, in the wet state strength would have fallen sharply, the coefficient of thermal conductivity will rise sharply. Rock wool class the application of external thermal insulation system in abroad is very mature. But domestic rock wool board tensile

Low intensity, the soaking water quantity is very high, is not adapt to the requirements of the external wall thermal insulation, and imported rock wool board is too expensive, so has the best inorganic fireproof performance class insulation materials used too little.