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1. How to use the recycled EPS?

Polystyrene foam plastic is thermoplastic plastics; recycled EPS will be made of polystyrene. : There are two main methods to recycled EPS waste incineration or granulating. Granulating EPS compressor is refers to the use and recycling granulator EPS waste can be converted to PS particles, used in the manufacture of plastic products, such as clothes tree, flower POTS, video, etc. Such as furniture, building materials, or heat preservation material, etc.

2. How to compact EPS?

Use foam recycling equipment for compression processing, processing methods can be caused by heating density (heat), or no hot compression (cold broken and cold compression). Broken and cold compression is refers to the compressed EPS with machines, making it a high density EPS compressed blocks. Generally speaking, the compressed volume is 1/40, 24 hours a day; the production of about five to 20 metric tons, the compressed EPS makes more cost effective transportation and distribution.

3. The price of the compressed EPS

Chinese EPS waste production is the highest in the world. The compressed EPS has many sales channels, widely exported to foreign countries, Hong Kong, CIF price for between $200 and $500 per ton, the price is not absolute, and the price depends on the purity of the product, the degree of compaction and the current market conditions. Such as seafood waste EPS, oil water more. Has a stench, stickers or waste EPS plastic label, the price will be discounted.