Is polystyrene good or bad for human life


For the past 30 years, we've been stuck in the same debate. Polystyrene foam still exists in our lives - but is it good or bad? As it turns out, there are no simple answers.


Polystyrene is one of the most common forms of plastic. There is no doubt that it brings much convenience to our life. You can found it in take-out food containers, your coffee cups and egg cartons. It is even widely used in packaging and construction industries.


Once the potential was discovered, the use of polystyrene materials began to rise sharply. You can imagine that thousands and millions of polystyrene products entering our life stream every day. This poses a great threat to our resources and environment as well.


In the 1970s, studies found that polystyrene was not only difficult to degrade in seawater, but the resulting fragments known as styrene monomers were also toxic when ingested by Marine life. Nathan murphy, national director of the environment Michigan, said: "Polystyrene doesn't biodegrade, it just breaks down, and as it breaks down, it only spreads more easily, and mistaken for food by marine life, thus leading to more serious pollution.”



Polystyrene is such a valuable and harmful material that creates the debate: Is polystyrene good or bad for human life?


There are currently two views: banning and recycling. Many regions have already taken out polystyrene ban that aims at eliminating the use of polystyrene materials, especially for foam food containers. However, the fact is that we can't completely stop using it because so far there hasn't been a perfect alternative. When it comes to polystyrene recycling, we have been always making efforts, but the results were not ideal due the the lack of professional technology in the past.



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I never know polystyrene is good or bad for human life, But recycling polystyrene is always of great significance.