Learning about the value of waste polystyrene foam recycling


Easily identified by recycling no. 6, polystyrene foam is often found in our packaging products. Polystyrene foam, which is often used in food and transportation packaging, has low production cost and light weight, and is impossible to degrade naturally over time, making it a big problem for landfills.


According to Mother Nature Network, Americans throw away 25 billion polystyrene cups every year. It can take 500, or more, years to decompose. The technology of recycling polystyrene waste does exist, but the problem is the insufficient demand for recycled polystyrene material. Many companies don't even know the value of recycling polystyrene foam.


The polystyrene waste recycled by professional foam densifier can be made into renewable PS pellets for new foam production.


Selling recycled polystyrene foam ingots


The most direct purpose of polystyrene foam recycling is to sell the recycled foam ingots. Once the enterprise began to invest in professional polystyrene densifier, large amounts of polystyrene foam waste will be crushed and melted into ingots at a high ratio of 90:1. The melted foam ingots can be sold at a good price and make profits to the recycling company. Now, some furniture chains, logistics companies and other end users who produce a lot of waste products of polystyrene foam have also started to adopt polystyrene foam recycling machines.


Making recycled PS pellets


The granulator recycles polystyrene foam waste to produce recycled PS pellets, which can also be used as a raw material for new foam products manufacturing. Recycled PS pellets are classified into different levels according to the purity, and usually the shallower the higher. The PS pellets can be sold at a higher price and are mainly used by manufacturers to produce new foam products.


Manufacturing picture frames and decorative frame strips


INTCO recycling is a representative enterprise that has the complete polystyrene foam recycling and manufacturing chain. The company purchases polystyrene foam waste from all over the world and send it to its factory in Malaysia. The polystyrene foam blocks will be produced into PS pellets and then remade as beautiful picture frames and decorative frame strips.


Moreover, INTCO recycling also provides professional foam recycling machines. That is to say, whether it is selling foam blocks, or buying machines or photo frames from INTCO recycling, there is a guarantee of stability.