Tan Wee Choon in Malaysia Gets More Profit from Polyfoam Recycling


Since 1996, Tan Wee Choon Sdn Bhd endeavors to be a one-stop recycling company. They trying to offer environmental-friendly ways for many kinds of foam waste, especially Polyfoam Recycling.


From the beginning of 2019, Tan Wee Choon Sdn Bhd started to contract with a new source, so they received big quantity of polyfoam(EPS) packing scraps. They have a low capacity polyfoam recycle machine from other company which is not so satisfied.


To face big quantity and hard density packaging, the former old machine could not fulfill this task. So after they checked the GREENMAX EPS Screw Compactor in Klang factory, they were satisfied and ordered two GREENMAX Z-C200 recycling machines.


With these two GREENMAX, the polyfoam(EPS) scraps can be compacted into high density blocks, and stored on pallets. Every week, a 20 feet lorry will come to Tan Wee Choon Sdn Bhd to pick up the compressed polyfoam(EPS) blocks and sell to GREENMAX’s Klang factory(INTCO MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd), where GREENMAX and INTCO RECYCLING use the recycled polyfoam(EPS) for further recycling into frame products.


Since the use of GREENMAX EPS Screw Press, they have got a good profit by selling the compressed polyfoam(EPS) blocks.