TEMCO Logistics - The Largest GE Logistics Contractor in the Western United States Purchased Three Styrofoam Compactors to Recycle Styrofoam


TEMCO Logistics has been delivering and installing home goods since its inception in 1968 and has now developed into the largest GE logistics contractor in the western United States. With millions of home deliveries performed for some of America's largest retailers, TEMCO continues to innovate and provide world class final mile delivery and installation services. It has six distribution centers, concentrated in northern and southern California, and has been developing rapidly.


The contact between INTCO Recycling and TEMCO began in January 2016, when TEMCO had already bought machines in three distribution centers and started to recycle styrofoam. At that time, the purpose of our contact was to let them sell Styrofoam blocks to us. After listening to our whole recycling chain model, TEMCO Logistics was very confident to start the cooperation with us in raw materials trading.


The old machines they bought were initially available, but with the rapid expansion of their business, the volume of Styrofoam waste increased dramatically, and the previous old machines had many problems such as the pressed material is too light in weight, the insufficient screw bearing capacity when in long running time, which, had a bad impact not only on their profits, but also on their normal development of other businesses.


In June 2016, TEMCO Logistics decided to start working with us on GREENMAX recycling machine. The first Styrofoam compactor they bought was installed in Valencia, a GREENMAX A-C200. Later in August 2018, they bought another GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor and installed in Carson. The machine can work at a ratio of 50: 1, better than the previous old machines.


Recently in April 2019, TEMCO Logistics purchased a GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier M-C200, more efficiently than the compactor and can reduce the Styrofoam volume at a ratio of 90:1. TEMCO Logistics is ready to reintegrate its recycling business and planning to start recycling Styrofoam at San Diego.