The Brick - the Canadian Second Largest Furniture Chain Store Has Launched the Fourth GREENMAX Recycling Machine in Ontario to Recycle Styrofoam


The Brick is the second largest furniture chain store in Canada. In the end of 2012, it was acquired by the largest furniture store in Canada named Leon's. However, it still maintained brand independence.


The Brick has six distribution centers in Canada, responsible for the distribution of orders from 135 stores. Each distribution center will have a large number of waste Styrofoam packaging in its daily order distribution, as Styrofoam is used as protective material for many furniture during transportation. When goods are delivered to customers or when customers pick up goods at the distribution centers, these waste Styrofoam will be taken away by The Brick to reduce customers’ cost of waste disposal. However, to recycle Styrofoam is never easy if only by The Brick themselves.


In 2013, The Brick first launched GREENMAX recycling machines in 3 distribution centers in British Columbia and Alberta, and began to compress waste Styrofoam. Then the compressed Styrofoam was sold back to GREENMAX at a very attractive price.


Shortly afterwards, their distribution center in Ontario and Quebec also began Styrofoam recycling. With the growth of The Brick business, the recycling machines used in distribution centers in Ontario have been unable to meet the needs of Styrofoam recycling. Therefore, in 2018, a made-to-measure Styrofoam densifier was offered to The Brick, commissioned by GREENMAX technicians and put into use in early 2019.


The new Styrofoam densifier GREENMAX M-C300 has more than doubled the Styrofoam recycling efficiency in this distribution center. In the past, it needed 24 hours of uninterrupted power-on a day, but now, the M-C300 Styrofoam densifier can easily dispose of all the waste by shortening the time to a day shift. In addition, the silo of this machine also greatly saves the space of the site, making the management of the whole distribution center go up to a new level. All these improvements attribute the success to GREENMAX.