Would San Diego’s Ban on styrofoam Make a Difference To The Current Issue on Environment?


It is getting close to the end of year 2018, San Diego has speeded up its policy to ban on Styrofoam since the beginning of the year, many of its supporters, especially politicians, who are on side of Styrofoam ban seem to have a trump card, could this action really be a difference this time?


In fact, polystyrene is not an environmental threat. When it comes to fast-food packaging, the main goal of any Styrofoam ban, is buried in a dumping grounds, it accounts for no more than one-third of the total volume, according to research by University,who made a landfill survey on what we are throwing away on earth,obviously that polystyrene waste is not the main cause to the current environmental pollution.



Ban supporters also cited health concerns, and handily repeated statistics intended to alarm us about polystyrene’s presence in the food chain.Their claim is thin, however. another Research Institute senior fellow tells us health scares are typically based on the 2011 addition of styrene, the chemical precursor of polystyrene, to the National Toxicology Program’s list of substances that are “reasonably anticipated” to cause cancer. It was a precautionary conclusion, said Miller, moreover, this was founded on animal studies from industrial, rather than consumer, exposures.



Polystyrene can be well recycled, reused, and applied as an energy source when burned in incinerator, there are several ways to deal with those polystyrene disposals, in chemical way,foam can be broken down into “chemically useful products” by applying bacteria that digest it,and the most popular and free-pollution way is to use a foam recycling machine.


Based on the above facts, EPS waste is not a big threat to human health, the ban on using styrofoam can do more harm to people, so why not resort to GREENMAX recycling, a specialist on polystyrene foam recycling, known for the high quality foam compactor, also divided into two types, one is polystyrene compactor, and the other is styrofoam densifier, those two major foam recycling machines are different from the compression ration, technical principle.


The alternatives of Styrofoam packaging material can cause other issues to the environment, and the pollution of EPS to the nature is caused by human being, rather than styrofoam itself, we should be cautious about EPS while using them, and after using it, we should develop the good habit of how to throw away those EPS wastes correctly into the pin, as long as we can have the good habit of using EPS correctly,then the pollution would be reduced dramatically.